Casting Notes for Laburnum Grove

The play is set in a London middle-class suburb in the 1930’s. All the characters speak with an English accent (middle-class, southern) except Joe and Sergeant who are a bit more down-market. All the parts are well-drawn and offer excellent opportunities for character acting.

Elsie Redfern (F), 20’s (main)
Pretty, bored, discontent, spoilt daughter looking to get married

Lucy Baxley (F), 40’s (main)
Bit silly, bit calculated, married to Bernard, aunt to Elsie, sister of Dorothy, thinks she has right to sponge off her sister’s family

Bernard Baxley (M), 50 (main)
Bit flash, constantly comparing Britain negatively with Malaya (Singapore), world owed him a living, happy to sponge off his in-laws, hypocritical

George Redfern (M), 50 (main)
Outwardly unremarkable, apparently slippers and pipe, but quiet assurance, intelligent, resourceful, astute, twinkle in the eye, successful businessman

Dorothy Redfern (F), 40’s (main)
Attractive, grounded, poised, devoted to husband George, protective of Elsie but not uncritical, impatient with her sister Lucy, not easily phased

Harold Russ (M), 20’s (supporting but important)
Elsie’s beau, feckless, work-shy, self-absorbed, car-crazy

Joe Fletten (M), middle-aged (small part but important foil)
Lower class, coarse language, knowing, accomplice to George

Inspector Stack (M) (two short appearances but crucial)
Intelligent, attractive, detective commanding presence

Police Sergeant (M) (cameo)
Stalwart. Old-fashioned police type, straight, friendly

This is a non-paying, non-Equity production

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