Dundas Little Theatre Inc.

​             Where Theatre Comes to Play

Jan. 1961   Have A Heart
May 1961   Night Must Fall
Nov. 1961  White Sheep Of The Family

Mar. 1962  Guest In The House

Nov. 1962  Love's A Luxury

Feb. 1963   Winter Arts Festival

May 1963   Ladies In Retirement 

Nov. 1963  Solid Gold Cadillac

Feb. 1964   Ice Carnival

Apr. 1964   Sound Of Murder

Nov. 1964  Harvey

Mar. 1965  Letter From The General

Oct. 1965  Mad About Men

Feb. 1966  Dark At The Top Of The Stairs

Oct. 1966  Red Riding Hood

Apr. 1967  Hobson's Choice

Oct. 1967   Ding Dong Dundas

Apr. 1968   Gingerbread Man

Feb. 1969  Billy Liar

Apr. 1969  Circus In The Wind

Nov. 1969  Tender Trap

Feb. 1970   Bear/Early Frost/Resounding Tinkle

Nov. 1970 The Night Of January 16

Jan. 1971   The Mousetrap

Mar. 1971  Thurber Carnival

Nov. 1971   Charlie's Aunt

Feb. 1972   The Chalk Garden

Apr. 1972   Blithe Spirit

June 1972  The Queen Of Hearts

Nov. 1972  You Can't Take It With You

Feb. 1973   Rebecca

Apr. 1973   All My Sons

June 1973  Jack And The Beanstalk

Nov. 1973  Not Now Darling

Feb. 1974   Gaslight

Apr. 1974   Everything In The Garden

June 1974   Mother Goose On The Loose

Oct.  1974  Come Blow Your Horn

Feb. 1975   Pink String And Sealing Wax

Apr. 1975   The Private Ear/The Public Eye

June 1975  Dancing Donkey

Oct. 1975   The Hand That Cradles The Rock

Feb. 1976   Hunting Stuart

Apr. 1976   The Kildeer

June 1976  Red Riding Hood

Oct. 1976   Pure As The Driven Snow

Jan. 1977   Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll

Apr. 1977   A Gown For His Mistress

June 1977  Hansel And Gretel

Oct. 1977   Marriage-Go Round

Jan. 1978   Lulu Street

Apr. 1978   Little Boxes

Oct. 1978  Meanwhile Back On The Couch

Jan. 1979  A Delicate Balance

Mar. 1979 Snow White

Apr. 1979  Witness For The Prosecution

Oct. 1979   The Sound Of Murder

Jan. 1980   Habeas Corpus

Apr. 1980  The Lion And The Unicorn

May 1980  The Constant Wife

Oct. 1980   Arsenic And Old Lace

Nov. 1980 The Magic Toy Shop

Feb. 1981    Of The Fields Lately

May 1981    Private Lives

Nov. 1981  Wait Until Dark

Feb. 1982  The Little Foxes

May 1982  Dick Whittington

May 1982  A Midsummers Night's Dream

Aug. 1982   Black Comedy

Nov. 1982  The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie

Feb. 1983   The Lion In Winter

Mar. 1983   Toad Of Toad Hall

May 1983    I Am A Camera

Oct. 1983   The Crucible

Jan. 1984   The Fourth Monkey

Mar. 1984  The Valiant Tailor

Apr. 1984   The School For Scandal

Oct. 1984  Romeo And Juliet

Jan. 1985  Deathtrap

Mar. 1985 Puff The Magic Dragon

May 1985  She Stoops To Conquer

Oct. 1985   The Importance Of Being Earnest

Jan. 1986   Blithe Spirit

Mar. 1986  Winnie The Pooh

May 1986   The Pickwick Papers

July 1986   The Boyfriend

Nov. 1986  Absurd Person Singular

Jan. 1987   The Children's Hour

Mar. 1987  Alice In Wonderland

May 1987   Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Nov. 1987  Nurse Jane Goes To Hawaii

Jan. 1988  Agnes Of God

May 1988  Tom Sawyer

June 1988 Philadelphia Story

Nov. 1988  Oh, What A Lovely War!

Jan. 1989   Come Back To The Five & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

Mar. 1989  Story Theatre

May 1989   Much Ado About Nothing

Nov. 1989  The Diary Of Anne Frank

Jan. 1990   Morning At Seven

Mar. 1990  James And The Giant Peach

May 1990   Tartuffe

Nov. 1990  How The Other Half Loves

Jan. 1991    Blood Relations

May 1991   When We Are Married

Nov. 1991   Windfall

Feb. 1992   Albertine In Five Times

May 1992   The Fantastics

Aug. 1992   Love Letters

Nov. 1992   Our Town

Feb. 1993    A Life

June 1993   Twelfth Night

Oct. 1993   The Glass Menagerie

Jan. 1994   A Chorus Of Disapproval

Mar. 1994  The Golden Mask

May 1994   Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Oct. 1994   The Lady's Not For Burning

Jan. 1995   One For The Road

Mar. 1995  Alice In Wonderland

June 1995  Anatol

Oct. 1995  Absent Friends

Jan. 1996  Death And The Maiden

Mar. 1996 Aladdin

May 1996  The Rivals

Oct. 1996  The Cemetery Club

Jan. 1997  The Unexpected Guest

Mar. 1997 The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe

May 1997  The Madness Of King George The Third

Nov. 1997  Hedda Gabler

Jan. 1998   The Price

Mar. 1998  Whale

May 1998   The Real Thing

Oct. 1998  Breezeblock Park

Jan. 1999  Funny Money

May 1999  The Effect Of Gamma Rays On Man In The Moon Marigolds

Oct. 1999   The Lark

Jan. 2000  You Know I Can't Hear You When The Water's Running

Mar. 2001 The Red Shoes

May 2000 The Art Of War

Oct. 2000  Lettice and Lovage

Jan 2001   The Shop At Sly Corner

May 2001 Ten Times Table

Oct. 2001  Waiting For The Parade

Jan. 2002  Honestly, Now

Mar. 2002 The Valiant Tailor

May 2002  The Servant Of Two Masters  

Oct. 2002  Murder At The Vicarage

Jan. 2003  Rumours

May 2003  Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf

Oct. 2003  Jitters

Jan. 2004  A Flea In Her Ear

May 2004  Glengarry Glen Ross

Oct. 2004  The Prisoner Of Second Avenue

Jan. 2005   Fallen Angels

May 2005  Taking Sides

Oct. 2005  The Mousetrap

Jan. 2006  Rough Crossing

May 2006  Good Night Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet

       ???       Deathtrap

       ???       Barefoot In The Park

       ???       Night Of The Iguana

Oct. 2007  Dinner With Friends

Jan. 2008  How The Other Half Loves

May 2008  Humble Boy

Oct. 2008  Collected Stories

Jan. 2009  20th Century

May 2009  The Suicide

July 2009  You're A Good Man Charlie Brown

Oct. 2009  Still Life/The Lunch Hour

Jan. 2010  Looking

Apr. 2010  The Constant Wife

Oct. 2010  Fair Liberty's Call

Jan. 2011   I'll Be Back Before Midnight

Apr. 2011  Vieux Carre

Oct. 2011   Time And The Conways

Jan. 2012   Cakewalk

Apr. 2012   Iron

Oct. 2012   Scotland Road

Jan. 2013   Drama At Inish

May 2013   How Could You Mrs. Dick?

Oct. 2013   Ghosts Of 1812

Jan. 2014   39 Steps

May 2014   August Osage County

Oct. 2014   The Browning Version/How He Lied To Her Husband

Jan. 2015   Impromtu/Harlequinade

May 2015   The Valiant/The Dock Brief

Oct. 2015   The Ride Down Mount Morgan

Jan. 2016   Shadow Of A Blonde

May 2016   And Slowly Beauty

Oct. 2016    Rabbit Hole

Jan. 2017    Laburnum Grove

Apr. 2017    Noises Off

Oct. 2017    Lady Windermere's Fan  

Jan  2018   Ripcord

Apr. 2018   Inherit The Wind

Oct. 2018  The Seagull
Jan. 2019  God Of Carnage

Apr. 2019  Calendar Girls